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I write romantic epic fantasy with a side of spice. My books are full of found families, flawed charcters, fun banter, adventure, magic, and more! What world will you explore first?

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S. M. Gaither

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S. M. Gaither

I write fantasy that's (usually) epic and (sometimes) spicy.

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I am so obsessed with this series. I can't even finish the other books I was reading before I started this because I need to fully commit to this series instead!

The FMC deals with anxiety throughout and has different coping methods for these anxieties, but is still a strong and brave female character. I feel like you don't see mental health portrayed in fantasy books very often and I thought this was a noteworthy addition to the story.
Such a good story, with a complicated love interest and plenty of action and twists and turns! The banter between the FMC and MMC is spot on, which I love.

I read this book in 2 days because work got in the way, and right after I finished it I went immediately to amazon to get the next book.
– C. Lamb (Amazon)
OMG 😩 I am done for! Dravyn is such a dreamy God of Fire! The sweetness! The fact he kept the flowers alive because he knew she liked them! And don’t get me started about the fire stars 😩 be still my heart!!!

& Karys! She’s now one of my fave FMCs ever written! Love her drive and her stubbornness, lol! She complements Dravyn really well!

& omg. The SIDE CHARACTERS. My favorite! Their banter is some of the best I’ve ever read, lol! They grew on me so much and now they must be protected at all costs. Even the animal companions!! 🥹

I absolutely fell in love with S. M. Gaither’s storytelling! I enjoyed how everything unfolded and the twists that came into play. I’m obsessed with the world building and now want to find my own fire god, lol!
– Gwyne (Amazon)
I owe a thank you to the woman who reviewed this on her IG reel. I had never heard of this series or author until a month ago. As soon as I knew the series was finished, i was all in. I stayed faithful to this story, even after the release of HOFAS. This storyline is amazingly original. The characters become your family. You’ll laugh, cry, shout, gasp, and weep. The depth of the characters give reason to why five books was needed. It’s not a one and done, or taking three books to get to the meat of the plot and then dump you on the side as it abruptly ends. This story is built with so much thought and attention to detail. The growth by them all, even with all of the complications, is magically woven into a story that you will cherish and reread again and again. These are books to reach for when you need reminding that the things that “hold us back” are what make us stronger. I hope you love these books as much as I did. Enjoy!
– jassyjas (Amazon)
Are you looking for your next great romantic fantasy read? If you said yes, this book is for you. If you said no, this book is still for you…because it’s that good.

S.M. Gaither does an amazing amount of world building and gives us the backstory of the elves (whom do play a part in the Shadows & Crowns series) and explains why the middle-gods and humans hate them so much (which again, is important for her future series). Her Gods/Middle-Gods belief system is super unique and is explained super clearly unlike some other books/authors I’ve read. I’ve never had any issues understanding any of her mythology or magic systems because she takes the time to explain it very succinctly.

I really can’t say enough about this book without giving away spoilers. Just please go read this book! Everything S.M. Gaither writes is amazing and this is no exception!
– Lauren Bollen (Amazon)