The Shift Chronicles

After a vicious werewolf attack, Alexandra Layton is dragged into the middle of an ancient war within the shifter world. The magic sleeping in her blood makes her a would-be pawn in that war—but she isn’t really down with the role of ‘helpless pawn’, or with being a blood sacrifice. 

So she does what any girl would do: She grabs a weapon, embraces her newfound supernatural abilities, and she kicks some butt. 

Unfortunately, though, wolves don’t fight fair. And soon, Alex finds herself faced with impossible choices. Choices that might save the human world, but at the cost of the ones Alex loves most…

This completed series spans four books, with magic and wars and romance alike building as the story progresses.

Read on for detailed information about each book.

Book One: Descendant

A Deadly Encounter…

A vicious werewolf attack leaves Alex infected, confused, and suddenly surrounded by strangers who all claim they want to help her. All she has to do is decide who to trust.

A Dangerous Boy…

Kael is infuriating. Arrogant, deceptive, and entirely-too-hot-for-his-own-good. He also has secrets– and a dark past that could turn her whole world upside down.

An Ancient Blood Pact…

The only thing keeping the human population safe from the shifters and lycans is the pact. The pact that Alex’s grandfather initiated. The one that only she can break.

An Impossible Choice…

Breaking the pact means igniting war. Refusing to break it may mean losing the most important person in her life.

When the moment comes, on whose side will Alex stand? And how much will she be willing to sacrifice? 


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Book Two: Syndrome

A Missing Girl…
For months, there’s been no sign of Alex’s sister, who she fought so desperately to rescue. She’s disappeared without a trace.

A Series of Warnings…
A werewolf is stalking Alex’s once sleepy southern town. People are dying, and Alex thinks she knows the reason: her refusal to give in to Valkos. The growing bodycount is a warning. He is trying to break her, and now neighboring packs–once allies– are convinced that she is a risk that needs to be eliminated before she’s broken.

An Unexpected Visitor…
Just when things between Alex and Kael are starting to make sense amongst all the chaos around them, a dark part of Kael’s past returns in the most unexpected of places, and threatens to turn them upside down all over again.

An Impossible Betrayal…
Alex thought she finally knew who she could trust.
She was wrong.
And her mistake may mean war.


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Book Three: Sacrifice

War is coming.

The pact is broken. The human world that Alex once belonged to is no longer safe. From every direction, lycans from other packs are arriving, forming an army that will hopefully be ready to fight Valkos and his werewolves. Assuming, of course, that they can stop fighting among themselves first. And that Alex can somehow find a way to lead them.

Before she can do that, though, she must harness the new magic that’s awakened in her–magic that took her grandfather years to master. She has weeks to master it. Days, maybe. It doesn’t help that she’s never felt more alone, either, with her family on the other side of the world for their own safety, and Kael on his own mysterious trip up north.

Then Kael comes back.

Only he isn’t the same. And he isn’t alone. He’s brought members of the most ancient, powerful werewolf pack in existence– the only pack, rumor has it, that Valkos has ever feared. Aligning with these particular wolves is a desperate and possibly dangerous move, but a necessary one, almost everyone agrees. Desperate times, desperate measures. It makes sense.

But still, Alex isn’t so sure.

Because if she’s learned anything these past months, it’s that things are not always what they seem–and power always comes with a cost.

And this time, it may be more than she’s willing to pay.


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Book Four: Ascendant

The true enemy has been revealed.
The clock is ticking.
Everything comes down to one girl. One legend. One. Last. Battle.
And Alex is either going to win it, or she’s going to meet her end in a flurry of flames and fangs.


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