The Canath Chronicles

Blood and Wolf

Eleanor McLelland is the daughter of a legend among wolves–and the carrier of a curse that gives her the power to rip the world apart. 

For seventeen years, she’s suppressed her magic and her wolf shifter abilities in an attempt to keep that curse under control, trading fangs and fire for manmade weapons instead.

But you can only keep a wolf caged for so long.

When it accidentally escapes, Elle finds herself on the run from enemies hell-bent on using her dangerous magic to break down the barrier that protects Earth from the creatures of parallel worlds. Determined to prove herself a savior instead of a destroyer, she sets off on a quest to find a way to make the walls between those worlds permanent.

Her greatest potential ally is a sorcerer who’s an even bigger outcast than she is. One as beautiful and as deadly as any sword in Elle’s extensive collection of them.

But can she really trust him to help her save the world?

Or are they destined to tear it apart?

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Silver and Shadow

A New World. New Powers. And an Army Threatening to Engulf Everything She Loves…

After battling her way through monsters and lifting the curse that has plagued her since birth, Elle McLelland thought her next tasks were simple: help the sorcerer she loves find his family, keep him from doing anything too stupid, and then jump back to Earth as easily as she jumped out of it.

But her split second decision to leap into the parallel world of Canath proves more dangerous than she could have guessed.

Once there, the way back closes.

And the path forward is covered in shadows and filled with monsters under the command of a mad queen intent on driving an army across The Bridge of Worlds and straight into Earth.

Elle’s very presence in Canath might be the last key the queen needs to make that plan a reality.

Now, to stop that army, Elle will have to master her powers once and for all—and decide who she can truly rely on in this new world full of old, dangerous magic, bloody battles, and impossible betrayals…

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Note: SILVER AND SHADOW does NOT end on a cliff-hanger; the series is ‘complete’ as is–but more books are tentatively planned to expand on this world and characters in the future, per reader’s requests 🙂 More details coming soon!