The Drowning Empire Series

“They say I’ve created a storm that will destroy this empire.
But they’re wrong.
I am the storm that will wash it clean.”

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Book One: Sky Keeper

Welcome to the World Below, where the keepers command the sky, but the commander of the keepers controls the empire…

In an empire hidden beneath the sea, the sky is beginning to break.

For centuries, the Caspian empire has remained safe and hidden, protected from the surface world—and from that ocean that separates them—by a great barrier maintained by magic. Aven Talavir has spent her entire life training to be one of the keepers of that barrier, learning to channel her powers into maintaining and healing her world.

But now that world is shattering.

Something is causing the barrier to fail. Keeper magic is growing scarce, while fear and riots and whispers of war are growing abundant.

Desperate to stop the flood of destruction, Aven picks up her knives and sets off on a quest to find an ancient power that may be able to permanently heal the makeshift sky. Reaching it will mean fighting her way through dangerous politics and deadly magic, all while finding love and friendship in unexpected places—

Only to realize that the greatest treachery may not lie in the breaking sky, but in the very hearts of the people around her.

The perfect next read for fans of Sarah J. Maas, Tamora Pierce, and Megan Whalen Turner. If you enjoy strong female leads, slow-burn romance, feisty mythical creatures, and unique magic systems, pre-order the first book of this trilogy today!

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Book Two: Curse Breaker

In the underwater empire of Caspia, a storm is brewing.

Aven Talavir’s efforts to unite the four kingdoms resulted in a temporary peace, but that peace is shattered all over again when she is named the controversial heir to a dying emperor’s throne.

The crown on her head makes her a target. One that Kai ‘West’ Armana would do anything to remove. One that results in an attack, and a curse on the newly crowned empress that will require an unimaginable sacrifice to undo. And that sacrifice is only the beginning.

Because the world is not healed.

The sky is not safe.

And things that should be dead and drowned do not always stay that way…

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Book Three: Storm Bringer

The sky is changed.

Once upon a time, Aven Talavir lived in a sparkling kingdom beneath the waves, protected from the Sea-Above by a sky made of magic.

Then it all fell apart.

The final Drowning Empire book is releasing in early July 2019. Pre-order now!

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A Note On the Re-Release…

(from a post originally shared on Facebook on February 9, 2019)

“Some of you who saw the cover reveal/pre-order link for Sky Keeper post earlier were probably kind of confused. Like, didn’t she *already* release this book…? What’s the deal?


I am here to explain.


Dear Readers:

I had to humble myself a bit to write this note. I thought about just throwing the new version of Sky Keeper up and pretending the old one didn’t happen, but I didn’t want you guys to think I was trying to pull a fast one on you. 😉 Plus, it’s kind of weird to rewrite an entire book and then release it again, isn’t it?

So. Let me lay it all out here.

Because man, does this book have a (messy) history.

I started writing this back in 2013 (!), back when I was still with my former literary agent and doing the whole big traditional publishing song and dance. As most of you know, in 2017 I reached a friendly parting of ways with said agent, and I decided to forge my own path in the exciting indie publishing world. 2017, and then into 2018, was filled with some successes but also a few false starts as I tried to work out exactly who I wanted to be as a writer, and what stories I could tell and, most importantly, tell HAPPILY. Epic fantasy has always been where my heart lies as a reader. SKY KEEPER was my first real stab at it, and I was absolutely enamored with this book even in its earlier drafts, even with all of its flaws. I was so eager to share it with the world that, if I’m being honest, I probably released it a little too soon— not to mention without the necessary understanding of the business side of indie publishing.

But I soldiered on rather stubbornly.

In mid-2018, I released CURSE BREAKER, the sequel to SKY KEEPER, which to date has been my best received book. Many of you wrote me and told me that you’d considered stopping the series after SKY, but you were so glad you didn’t—because the sequel was a million times better. I considered why. The two years between writing them probably helped. I became a better writer, and I emerged from the fog that had settled over me while I was unhappily pounding my head against the wall trying to make traditional publishing work for me (this is not a knock against the publishing industry, by the way; it just simply wasn’t a good fit for me, and thus I don’t think it was helping me produce my best work).

So my goal when rewriting SKY KEEPER was to make it closer in quality and scope to that sequel which eventually followed it. I think I’ve accomplished that. In any case, this re-release is far closer to the epic story that I first envisioned all those years ago. It is not the same book; the heart of the original remains, along with a few key scenes, and the story basically starts and ends in the same place— but things have been extensively reworked, reimagined, rewritten. For the better, in my opinion (obviously). Some people are probably STILL scratching their heads, wondering why I didn’t just move on—write the next book. You’ll hear that advice a lot if you run in writing/publishing circles. But I’m really good at ignoring advice. 🙂 Some people might be ticked off that I essentially gave myself a ‘do-over’, too.

I wrestled with those thoughts, trust me. But in the end? Meh. Don’t trust anyone who says there are no second chances. Life is actually full of second chances. And I believe that sometimes you have to take a step back and sort some things out to move forward. So here we are! Although I’m *planning* on nothing but forward motion now 😉

Anyway, I’ll just wrap this up by saying: If you are one of the readers who loved and supported the original release of SKY KEEPER: Thank you!

If you are one of the readers willing to give this newly released version another shot, thank you!

If you’re brand new to the series and just looking forward to reading it, thank you!

Basically, just thank you, all of you, for supporting me and my words <3 And I promise I’ll never stop trying to improve and tell the best stories I can.

Peace, my lovely readers—


P.S.: If you’re one of the readers who read the original, send me proof (forwarded Amazon receipt, link to an old review, screenshot of your kindle library, etc…) and I’ll be happy to send you the new version for free—yes, even paperbacks!”